Cali Wine & Vine is a California limited liability company which was formed by Mike Janko, George Bursick and David Wilcox in 2018. The new Cali entity purchased the winemaking facility and business which had been built in 2013 by Bel Vino Winery (in Temecula Wine Country). All three founders of Cali W&V had worked for Bel Vino from its inception in 2011 and all three had operated the winemaking business for Bel Vino until the Cali W&V founders bought the facility from Bel Vino in mid-2018.

Under George Bursick’s expert winemaking skills and guidance, Cali W&V has produced a great many highly rated and award winning wines, with ratings ranging from 90 to 93 and also winning numerous gold medals. The founders believe they are consistently producing the highest quality wines in Southern California.

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More About the Cali Wine & Vine Production Facility:

The winemaking facility was originally set up for Bel Vino in 2013 by Mike, George and David in a 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse located in Temecula, California. In 2014 the facility brought on another large Temecula area winery, to also produce and bottle their wine. Soon, other area wineries sought out this facility to produce their wine as well, and still other wineries began using the facility for various one-off services such as bottling, barrel storage and fixing their problem wines.

Even before Cali W&V purchased the 14,000 sq. ft. facility, the founders realized that they desperately needed more room to handle the growth they were experiencing. This led Cali to lease a 50,000 sq. ft. facility, also in Temecula, California, and to a multi-million dollar structural build out into a world class winemaking facility. In mid-2020 Cali began offering private label wine to wine wholesalers and to e-commerce retail wine marketing firms all across the U.S. and Hawaii. These new services also include direct-to-consumer drop shipping services into approximately 35 states for the e-commerce retailers. These new lines of business, along with the continued influx of wine production needs of area wineries, has led Cali Wine & Vine to a highly successful and sustainable business model.